About Stillingar.is

Stillingar.is is a web-based accessibility service run by Icelandic web-development agency Hugsmiðjan. It is primarily run as a community service, as part of Hugsmiðjan's attempt to make the worldwide web accessible and comfortable to as many people as possible.

A core feature of the service is that people with reading disabilities only need to specify their needs once, and can then have them automatically catered to on all websites that hook up with Stillingar.is. This service also allows web developers to make their websites more accessible, with minimal extra effort.

Stillingar.is was developed in cooperation with the Icelandic Ministry of Social Welfare, and with consultation from various Icelandic reading disability experts.

The pricing model:

  • Specifying your My Settings and using them as you visit websites is free.
  • Non-profit charities and owners of small/low-traffic websites can use the service for free.
  • Owners of other (larger) websites pay a small subscription fee.

Contact us for pricing details, and to see if your website qualifies for the free ticket.

Testing the service is free for the first 30 days, with no formal signup required before giving it a try.

Contact Info:


Tel: (+354) 5-500-900

Hugsmiðjan ehf.
Snorrabraut 56
IS-101 Reykjavík

(Kt. 500101-2880)

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