Info for Webmasters

There are two basic ways for webmasters to request a user's color and text settings from

Simple Connection - Choose a button you like and then simply paste a short snippet of HTML code into your web pages. Then when users click the button, a piece of Javascript code takes care of all the magic - it strips away most of the visual design of your site and applies instead some very basic text and color styling according to each user's specified settings, along with links to "change my settings" and revert back to the "normal design".

Customized Connection - This method requires some programming knowledge, but allows for incredibly flexible results. Here's how it works in a nutshell: encodes users' color and text preferences as a browser cookie locked to the "" domain. By making the browser send an HTTP request to the server, webmasters can receive those preferences in a format they like - i.e. as URL-parameters, JavaScript object, or in CSS format. (The API and Settings documentation is currently available in Icelandic only.)

Websites that wish to use simply display one of the standard activation buttons/icons, and make it link to with a URL that specifies in what format the reply should be.

When a user clicks the activation button, checks if that user already has a settings cookie stored, and replies with those settings encoded in the requested format. If users haven't saved their settings, the service can either reply with some simple default settings, or temporarily redirect them to the My Settings page to choose their initial settings.

It is then up to the developers of each website to decide how exactly they use the settings information to cater to their users' needs.

Support for HTTPS connections and hosted sub-domains is available on demand.

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